Xining City Xizheng carried out drug sampling inspection and protection of mass safety


Xining City Xizheng carried out drug sampling inspection and protection of mass safety

Recently, the market supervision and administration bureaus of Xining City continued to carry out drug supervision and sampling work, which aims to further strengthen the quality supervision and management of drug quality, standardize the market order, and give full play to the technical support of drug sampling in risk prevention and control. During the sample inspection, law enforcement officers strictly follow the requirements of the Drug Administration Law, "Medical Quality Investigation Management Measures", according to law, sample, registered, sealed, and sent to Xining Food and Drug Inspection and Testing Center on schedule.

At the same time, combine the drug sampling work and daily supervision and inspection, drug safety special rectification, and drug adverse reactions monitoring, increase daily supervision of drug purchases, acceptance, storage, and maximize the efficiency of sampling, and focus on improving drug supervision efficiency.

Up to now, 50 batches of supervision samples are completed, including 35 batches of chemicals, 10 bings of Chinese medicine, and 5 batches of Chinese herbal medicines. The drug sample inspection includes drug retail enterprises and medical institutions at all districts, highlighting the risk of circulation and use, widely used, adverse reactions, high social attention, and has a wide range of tablets, capsules, injection, Different preparations such as granules and chemicals, medium pharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese medicine drink pieces. Next, Xining City West District Market Supervision Administration will continue to increase the daily supervision and inspection of drugs, focus on improving the discovery rate of unqualified drugs, and better protect the safety of the people.

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