State: "Red Tour" is popular


State: "Red Tour" is popular

During the "May 1st" period, the red tourism represented by the Red Army Changzhi Xiangjiang Battle Memorial Park, attracting the majority of tourists to call the card, the "red story" of the red scenic spot in the county is full, and tourists are woven. Since this year, the whole state county has actively touched the Daguilin International Tourism Circle, and the development of red tourism industry as an important measure to adjust the industrial structure and transform economic development.

Create a red tourism brand, strengthen the overall image of red tourism and boutique line packaging, and do a large-scale tourism industry. During the "May 1" period, only the Red Army Changjun River Battle Memorial Hall received 150,000 visitors. In order to do a good job in red tourism, the state county has invested a lot of manpower in security, transportation, volunteer services, and should have a "blowout" in red tourism. Due to the meticulous work, the service is in place, the tourists at the county’s red tourist attractions are full, orderly, and realize zero complaints of tourists.

According to statistics, there are 10,000 visitors in the area during the "May 1st" period of Quanzhou County, and tourism comprehensive income billion is realized.

(Deng Lin Wu Yuting) (Editor: Zhu Xiaoling, Li Minjun).