Zhang Dingyu: I am a patient, but also a doctor.


Zhang Dingyu: I am a patient, but also a doctor.

The "People’s Love Doctor" Annual Conference Zhang Dingyu Dean Zhang Dingyu Dean is a doctor, and it is also a patient.

He has long working in medical first-line, and he has taken the team to Wenchuan earthquake relief, and participates in international medical assistance many times. On December 29, 2019, after the first batch of 7 patients with pneumonia, he immediately formed an isolation ward. He took the lead in collecting samples to carry out viral testing. Pathological research has created conditions.

As a prefrontiased patient, he charged in front of him, and he took the leader of the cadres and workers of Jinyintan hospitals to treat more than 2,800 new coronary pneumonia. In order to win Hubei defending battles, Wuhan Defense War made a significant contribution. "I am a patient, it is a doctor.

"Zhang Dingyu’s dean repeatedly emphasized his own requirements, clear and clear," as a communist party member, medical worker, very time, critical moment, must be strong! " "In the face of praise, Zhang Dingyu said," I never thought to do heroes, everyone made a sacrifice and contribution together, and I am just a molecule in them. "Telling to a night from mid-January this year, an emergency instruction from the superiors broke the air near Jin Yintan Hospital," Teng out the ward, the next day, other patients have been placed. "At the time, it was ten o’clock in the evening. Many medical workers and patients have entered dreams.

"Time is life, our ideas are very simple, to isolate patients in time", Zhang Dingyu immediately convened the relevant department and immediately took action. After receiving the command for 30 minutes, the clinical department of the medical staff arrived in the hospital, and the stressful atmosphere quickly enveloped the disease. The working volume of the ward is huge, in addition to cleaning, disinfection, and putting a patient with hospitalized patients.

Special approach takes a special approach, Zhang Dingyu decides that in the case of protecting the patient’s treatment, the patient is classified and placed, and the patient who can be discharged is resettled in the nearby hotel, and the patient who cannot be discharged is transferred to other departments. "In the whole process, the patients make great trust in our doctor." That is to mention the sleepless night before 7 months, Zhang Dingyu still feels warm, "this is also because we are in the usual work, The patients have cultivated feelings and trust and have a deep friendship.

"After Anton finished the patient, everyone began to be busy for the cleaning and disinfection of the bed and wall ground, and a blink of an eye was 45 o’clock in the morning.

"Zhang Dingyu said that all work is to ensure that the second day of 8 o’clock, the ward can enter the spare state in time.

This is only one of the countless stories of Jin Yintan Hospital during the epidemic, and these scenes have been staged at Jinyintan Hospital.

On December 29th, with the first batch of unknown reasons, patients with pneumonia were transferred to Jin Yintan Hospital, it became the earliest starting place in China’s National Immunity. "Our medical workers’ work direction, and the interests of the patients will always be consistent.

"" Doctors can do more than just treatment of patient drugs, and confidence in love and victory. "

In the end, Zhang Dingyu, the dean of Zhang Dingyu, "I hope that the doctor in this epidemic and the patients in the patient can keep it, forming a good social atmosphere of mutual understanding.