Will "sprinkle water" street lights in Suzhou street


Will "sprinkle water" street lights in Suzhou street

  China Youth Level Client News (Liu Juan Yue Jie · Zhongqing Net reporter Li Chao) Recently, in the Suli High-speed Railway New Cities, the Triangle International R & D community launched the road, a row of "sprinkled" street lamps attracted many citizens. Notice. It is reported that the street lamp "Sprinkler" has used a "black technology" – high pressure micro-fonding system.

It is about to connect to the street light pile point through a dedicated pipe, and the filtered tap water is transferred to the high pressure pipeline. The whole operation process consumes only electricity and water, and it will not cause secondary pollution, which can achieve cooling and humidity. The effect of dust and energy saving.

  According to the relevant person in charge of Suzhou High-speed Railway New Town City Construction Management Service Center The water mist in the air can be captured, the fine particles in the air are adsorbed, and the effect of preventing dust is achieved.

  In the pilot zone of high pressure micro-fog dust collecting system, the staff is turned on with the recorder to turn the temperature and the humidity of the air when closed.

The data results show that within an hour after the system is turned on, the temperature around the street light is reduced by 3 ° C, and the air humidity is increased by 10%. It can be seen that the sprayed water mist can increase the local air humidity, reduce the surrounding ambient temperature, improve the body feelings of the pavement pedestrians in the high temperature weather. Compared with the traditional foggy car, sprinkler, the high-pressure micro-fog dust collecting system has the characteristics of high efficiency, simple maintenance, and wide coverage. Safe cleaning water mist particles can also infiltrate the green vegetation around the surrounding green vegetation, not only saving water Resources and artificial operating costs, and become a unique city landscape, achieving "a system, a variety of uses."

  It is understood that the high-pressure micro-fog dust reduction system is currently speaking on the road of 200 meters from Qinglong Port (Xiangcheng Avenue to Fujuling Road), starting from 8:30 pm to 5:00 pm every day.