Seek global biodiversity governance (international forum)


Seek global biodiversity governance (international forum)

Original title: Congratulations to the Global Biodiversity Governance (International Forum) "Kunming Declaration" encourages countries to take specific actions in Kunming, China, Kunming, China, by helping the next 10 years The Fifth Conference of the Convention on Diversity, summarizing the experience of countries in biodiversity protection, in order to formulate "2020 Global Biodiversity Frames", to plan a road map for future global biodiversity governance, Eye-catching. Yunnan Province is extremely rich in biodiversity, and the number of biological species of major categories is close to or exceeded half of China’s similar species.

From the tropical rainforest living wild Asian, the type of ecosystem in Yunnan is very rich in the snowy plateau that has habitat many unique species.

The French National Nature History Museum saves thousands of plants, insects and dozens of vertebrate specimens from Yunnan. Kunming is a very beautiful city, I have a deep fate with Kunming.

From 2013, I participated in the research center of Wildlife Management and Ecosystem Health Research Center, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics. In the northwest, Xishuangbanna, Pu’er, etc., "regional economic development and socioeconomic ecosystem" Series study.

I like to live in Kunming in Kunming, so I often remember the pleasant and beautiful city. The earth is facing unprecedented crises, ecosystems and biodiversity suffered. For the sustainable development of humans and other organisms, international cooperation between ecological environmental governance is especially critical.

French and China launched a comparative study of mountainous social-ecosystems in China, helping to strengthen their efforts in this regard and cultivate a firm link between the two researchers.

Since the 1990s, the France, France, Kongtai University, and the French National Science Research Center, carrying out a large number of cooperation with the Chinese research team in the field of biodiversity, and is committed to studying species and species health and environment. Inseparable contacts.

During the cooperation with China Research Team, I visited Xinjiang, Guangdong, Ningxia, Gansu, Yunnan, Guangxi, Qinghai and many other places, and often travels to rural areas to investigate, and the achievements impressed by China in environmental protection areas. Like most countries in the world, China is facing some challenges in biodiversity protection, such as how to balance the relationship between biodiversity protection and intensive agricultural production, how to promote the transformation of traditional energy utilization methods.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the protection of environmental and biodiversity, making extraordinary efforts, has achieved fruitful results, and the environmental awareness of Chinese people has continued to increase. China not only protects the environment through legislation, but also extensively planting forests, these vegetation places an important role in improving air quality, maintaining soil, etc. China establishes nature reserves, biodiversity protection priority regions, and wildlife habitats continue to expand, and populations are increasing.

Today, China has nearly 10,000 natural protectedities. Each nature reserve has its own diverse ecosystems, providing a living environment for rare wild plants, and play an important role in protecting the ecosystem.

China has proposed carbon dioxide emissions to achieve peaks of 2030, strive to achieve carbon neutralization in 2060, and put forward the relevant initiatives of industrial structure adjustment according to the "double carbon" goal, which is very determination, very powerful action. Currently, global species extinction speed is constantly accelerating. Whenever a species is extinct, the ecosystem will be degraded and become more fragile.

Over the years, the research team, biodiversity and ecosystem service intergovernmental science policy platform, and many countries and regions have been aware of the seriousness of biodiversity protection in many countries and regions. The Biodiversity Conference has passed the Kunming Declaration, which helps to draw blueprints in the next 10 years of global biodiversity, encourage countries to take specific actions to seek the global biodiversity governance.

(The authors are professors, ecologists), "People’s Daily" (02th edition, October 14, 2021) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) sharing more people.