Sanya Zhuchaoyinfeng cited education combined with continued growth in high-level personnel


Sanya Zhuchaoyinfeng cited education combined with continued growth in high-level personnel

  Hainan Provincial Personnel Committee recently selected 6 2021 "Hainan talent team," Sanya accounted for half of one of the two international advanced talent team Lucheng all the flowers before they gather horizon caused widespread concern. Sanya focused on creating a free trade port city construction benchmarking, quality and efficiency of key industries, talent is the basis is also key. Sanya actively implement the "talent strong city" strategy, human resources in order to drive high-quality urban development, Zhuchaoyinfeng, cited education combined, pour in high-level personnel.

  Bring phoenix nest, talent advantage just to get a permanent residence permit, Hainan Class B talent, Ryuhei Biotechnology (Hainan) Co., Ltd. General Manager Lv Yuping happy for them, "This can finally feel at ease in Sanya, a business engaged in scientific research.

"As an internationally renowned chip grain crop biotechnology research and development experts, Lv Yuping 2019 is No to Sanya entrepreneurship.

Just two years, the company has rapidly grown to more than 10 billion valuation industry and has the potential of high-tech enterprises unicorn kinds of enterprises, which can not do without the full support of Sanya on human resources work, which Lv Yuping familiar: "Sanya global flora and fauna transit base platform to help enterprises imported maize germplasm research needed; support team reporting the first ‘double hundred’ talent team, and actively help people apply for provincial authorities issued a letter of recommendation apply for a permanent residence permit … … "to attract talent, and even attract talent team, Sanya intensify the talent Fair, Lv Yuping no means isolated cases. The province’s first globally oriented open selection of international high-end talent management, Ye Jialin from Hong Kong, Sanya became the youngest institution – Sanya City Tourism Promotion Board’s "number one", will lead the team in the next three years to carry the transformation and upgrading of tourism in Sanya the burden; well-known experts in the field of deep-sea oil and gas Zhou Guoqiang with a leading laboratory team from Sanya Institute of offshore oil and gas, power Lucheng deep-sea research with the integrated development; 1161 graduate from the domestic 11 major colleges and universities stationed Yazhou Bay Sanya Science and Technology City, roots in deep-sea technology and seed industry technology …… Sanya Municipal organization Department official said, as cited education personnel to do the work of key industries, industry, Sanya adhere to demand-oriented, to promote 12 major talent project; comprehensive sort by city finds that high-level personnel and the national, provincial and municipal key project personnel selected, the focus collected among 678 passengers more information, initially established talent database; to carry out the "birds" talent within the city, international talent survey, collected 936 name "birds" talent, 122 foreign personnel, 115 international students, 164 students and 10 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan human resources information, to further improve the urban talent database; continue to solidify and deepen the title system reform achievement, build Sanya title information database platform. Zhuchaoyinfeng talent Newell innovation as the first batch of Hainan talents team – leading talent team of selected candidates, led by Hainan "outstanding talent", "people plan" leading talent Zhao Wei deep three-dimensional observation and information service team based in Sanya, in the field of marine technology and equipment research and development, three-dimensional network of deep-sea observation, marine environmental information services, has achieved remarkable results. "Team Sanya is part of Ocean University of China Ocean Research Institute, Yazhou Bay Sanya rooted in science and technology city. Thanks to the continuous development of deep-sea industrial park, we also bring together top talent quickly gather a group of related fields.

"Zhao Wei expressed.

  It will focus on this park since construction of major functions Kong Trade platform, Sanya actively build high-end platform support personnel training. This year, the Sanya city’s new market players grew nearly nine; during the first anniversary of the free trade port construction in Hainan, Sanya direct investment enterprises amounted to 1825, China National Seed Group, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Yum and a number of Fortune 500 enterprise, "GuoZiHao" big focus of the park located in the courtyard, attracting industry professionals gather.

  "In addition to its campus aggregation of talent functions, Sanya also has set up 21 academicians innovation platform, the establishment of seven National Medical Master Studio, two state-level ‘principals (subject teacher) studio’, two post-doctoral research station, a provincial-level high-tech industrial park, 5 ‘sea-program’ workstation, a provincial-level high-skill training base; completed ‘End of the World maker culture’ and other two technology business incubators and six provincial public a space, three provinces class "birds" talent workstations, build a platform for all types of personnel officers.

"Sanya Municipal Organization Department official revealed at the same time do a good job building the platform, Sanya support efforts to improve the system, to provide protection for entrepreneurial talent officer.

In the municipal level continue to improve top-level design, the introduction of "Sanya City, the implementation of" one million people into Hainan Action Plan "implementation plan (2018-2025 years)" "Sanya City talent development" Fourteen five "plan" two programmatic document; work around talent development and institutional reform and the introduction of innovation and entrepreneurship, and so on, has introduced the implementation details of housing security personnel, special career preparation and post setting management approach, contact the municipal service experts focused on implementation details and a series of policies and measures to maximize the building the city, the park is good linkage effects, erected the city’s human resources work "four beams eight columns." Shores, build talent park in recent years, Sanya has always been to work in personnel talent demand, ongoing process optimization and system innovation.

Open foreign talent to work and residence permits joint review of the Unit window, shorten business processing time; dredge retired army and other provinces stationed in Sanya specialized technical talent flow plugging point; talent-government services, "single window" pilot online check, efforts to streamline processes and improve efficiency …… a number of practical initiatives to government services, maximizes talent Sanya public service environment. Efforts to solve problems for the people, for the force guarantee superior talent. Currently, Sanya and actively create "shores" good ecological environment, to provide protection for personnel live and work and make contributions.

  Optimize the talent improve service mechanism.

Contact arrangements 17 124 city leaders focus on experts, to promote party committee contact the service experts focused on institutionalization, normalization; set up 22 workstations talent in key parks, research institutions, and establish a network covering the work of personnel services unit of talent gathered; formation there are a focus of 120 units of the 130 liaison team, the implementation of special post docking, docking hand, accurate service; implementation of high-level talent identification, talent hire (purchase) housing subsidies apply online approval, to break down human services, "the last kilometer" . The full implementation of human services policy. Giving qualified personnel paid rent (purchase) housing subsidies, and with the construction of talent apartments in housing type commercial housing projects, the overall arrangement section talents their children to school, to coordinate high-level personnel spouse employment; implementation of personal income tax policy, 870 high-end shortage talent tax relief million; the opening of high-level personnel for medical treatment green channel at four city-owned three hospitals to provide free health check services for high-level personnel. Improve planning talent development strategy. Plan preparation market in urgent need of shortage of qualified personnel directory, the formation of demand forecasting talent and macro-control mechanisms to protect and expand parks, research institutes, hospitals, businesses and other employers in the introduction of talent, training, use, ownership aspects of the evaluation, incentives and other; in setting the mix of jobs within the scope of the preparation and provision of two types of institutions to allow public decide the rational allocation of various types of positions at all levels of personnel meet the required conditions, the implementation of the agreement wage system, salary system, wage project, exploring the institutions set the introduction of ad hoc job badly needed high-level talents. Built talent "reservoir" of talent development of ecological optimization, only gather the World, wisdom and promote development, Sanya is showing development "Talent Fair and industry-oriented homologous co-flow" new atmosphere.

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