Wu Pud: Actively explore future agricultural development path to innovate agricultural talent training model


Wu Pud: Actively explore future agricultural development path to innovate agricultural talent training model

Wu Pud, the principal of the Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University.

People’s Daily News reporter Wengqi Yu People’s Network Shenzhen December 19th today Wu Pot, President of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, attended the forum and made the main purpose. "From the global perspective, there is currently in the mutual interlaced period of traditional agriculture and modern agriculture: Some developed countries have completed the modern agricultural process in the traditional sense. Some countries are relatively backward, and countries with slow industrialization process are still in the traditional agricultural development stage. .

How to develop in the future, becoming a strategic proposition involved in agricultural colleges and universities.

"Wu Pit is clearly pointed out in his speech. According to Wu Pud, the future agriculture has initially showed six major characteristics: First, the three-production integration will realize the convergence of one or two or three production; the second is the main body, the main body will be present Diversified form, including agricultural enterprises, family farms, agricultural production and operation cooperatives, etc. It is the intelligence of equipment, intelligent equipment, and the continuous production efficiency; six is ??global configuration, my country’s food production has achieved continuous growth in more than ten years, but still needs resources from global.

"This six major characteristics show that future agriculture will be a guide with green development and health leadership, to meet the growing people’s growing beauty, support for life sciences and intelligence technology, and facing domestic and international markets. , The industry is varied, and the main body of the industry is a high-level form of modern agriculture and the times. "Wu Pite summed up. WuPte recommends that we should actively explore future agricultural development strategic paths, optimize the layout of agricultural disciplines, and innovate agricultural talent training model.

From the perspective of higher education, an effective way is to guide the problem-oriented, and the road to discipline integration.

This not only brought new challenges to the development of agricultural universities, creating a new situation, but also provided new development opportunities to non-involved in agricultural colleges and expanded a new development space. Today, the Ministry of Education is approved by the Ministry of Education, Northwestern Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology is actively preparing the Future Agricultural Research Institute.

Wu Pit said that it is expected that all brothers universities can pay attention to the future agriculture, and join hands with the development of my country’s higher agricultural and forestry education development, seek common development, create first-class, contribute wisdom for the construction of high quality and higher education system. (Editor: Song Ji, Deng Zhihui) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.