Yulin City, Yuyang District: Deepening rural production reform to stimulate rural village


Yulin City, Yuyang District: Deepening rural production reform to stimulate rural village

Deepening the rural production reform of the village revitalization of the Yangyang District to clear the "grabbing party building, strong foundation, rise industries, promote the development of" thinking, continuous enrichment and improvement "market leadership, property rights, industrial, scientific support, industrial characteristics, financing Modern Agricultural Development Model of Diversified, Ecological Civilization and Urban and Rural Areas.

Consolidate the quality efficiency of traditional industries, break through the development of "3 + 2 + X" emerging leading industries, use the whole industry’s constant thirteen, vigorously cultivate leading enterprises and new operating subjects, unswervingly walking, intensive, marketing, branding Development path. The area established the three-level property rights trading platform in the country, and fully promoted the integration of "three production". Zhao Jiayu Leisure Vacation, Hongshi Bridge Le Sandwater, Zhenchuan Folk Culture, Zhaobai Cave B & B, Hangzhuang Picking Sightseeing, Bai Shukan Rural Entertainment, Sanshui River Picking Beach Style Waiting for a large number of attractions Scenic spots, Starting from "China Beautiful Vernet" to built more than 30 rural cultural tourism demonstration villages, the integration development of rural one and two industry in Suyang District became a typical model of national demonstration. In 2020, the accumulated reception of tourists exceeded 10 million throughout the year, and the comprehensive income of cultural tourism was worth 100 million yuan.

The rural infrastructure, social governance, public service is fully upgraded in all districts, and the happiness of the people, the sense of security is sustained.

(Local contributed to Yanyang District Committee Propaganda Department Wang Si Li).