Sinopec Guangdong Petroleum Enterprise History and Cultural Exhibition


Sinopec Guangdong Petroleum Enterprise History and Cultural Exhibition

The Historical and Cultural Exhibition of Guangdong Petroleum Enterprises is located in Guangdong Petroleum Chaoyang College.

The original site of the pavilion is the 1906 British Asia Roof Oil Company (Shell Frontier) Oil Cang Cang.

On April 30, 1951, according to the time of the Guangzhou Military Disposal, Ye Jianying, who was insiders, Guangdong oil took over the warehouse.

From the date of the self-takeover, the dragon warehouse still exerts oil storage function, officially deactivated in early 1996.

The warehouse witnessed Guangdong Petroleum to end the Western mass monopoly, the history of the Guangdong refined oil market, fully demonstrated the positive role of Guangdong Petroleum in the planned economic period, reform and opening up.

In December 2008, Longhuang was one of the "Modern Warehouse Warehouse and the Terminal site", and the Guangzhou Municipal Government awarded the title of "Guangzhou Cultural Relics Protection Unit", one of the eight hundred years of warehouse in Guangzhou. In 2020, in order to combine the 70th anniversary of the construction enterprise, vigorously carry out the petroleum spirit to promote petrochemical education, Guangdong oil built a corporate historical and cultural exhibition hall on the Origin Original site, as an employee patriotism, petroleum spirit, petrochemical traditional education base, External as the image window of red history for the government, media, and the public. The exhibition hall is 457 square meters, and the construction of the original appearance of cultural relics, does not do architectural changes, and strictly use safety environmental protection materials. It is more distinctive oil sales sector in China’s petrochemical system. The cultural pavilion of the theme of oil spirit.

The exhibition hall is divided into prelude, ardent, send (leadership care and message), heavy slices, source (history of oil development), petrochemical, soul (years imprisonment), such as songs, history (Guangdong oil development history), mission · New ( Guangdong Petroleum Transition Upgrade New Era), the seven parts of the soul · root (party construction leader), exhibited more than 300 historical documents, more than 800 historical photos, more than 80 kinds of real things, more than 250,000 words, and supplemented with multimedia display , Interactive display and other means, concentrated on the history of China Petrochemical Guangdong Petroleum 71 years, and actively get rid of "three foreign business" monopoly with special education for the Guangdong refined oil market, which has a higher historical value in the history of the research of oil industry.