Zhou Enlai Deng Yingchao Treats the story of gifts


Zhou Enlai Deng Yingchao Treats the story of gifts

  In January 1970, Deng Yingchao accompanying foreign guests to visit Yan’an.

When I went back to Beijing, Yan’an people wanted to bring some gift to Premier Zhou.

Everyone discivalent to discuss, or a few years old comrades say: "Prime Minister loves to eat millet, just 2 pounds of millet!" So, put 2 pounds of millet with a small cloth bag, give Deng Yingchao.

  Deng Yingchao said to everyone: "Yan’an Xiaomi, comrades met with comrades.

Eat Yan’an millet, just like a hometown.

"I said that everyone is happy. Then, Deng Yingchao said:" But the food ticket and money have to be accepted.

Our party has rules, no gifts! If I take back to Enlai comrades to criticize me.

"Everyone said:" How does 2 pounds of millet pay for money and food ticket? This is a little bit of our Yan’an people! "Deng Yingchao said with:" The intention of the Yan’an people, comrades of Enlace must be very grateful. But he never violated the party’s regulations, or you have a small meter here, they have other specialties, you send a little, I will send it, then our home is still! The Communist Party cannot engage this.

"Something, I have a good time. In this way, Deng Yingchao left the food ticket and the money, she took 2 pounds of millet.

  (Excerpted from the 36th "Pioneer Team" in 2013, the original title is "Story of Zhou Enlai to treat gifts").