Tangshan Fengnan District Library: Create "Yunxiang" online service brand


Tangshan Fengnan District Library: Create "Yunxiang" online service brand

Original title: Create "Yunshiang" online service brand Fengnan District library to create "Yunshiang" online service brand "through ‘palm Fengcha" WeChat public number can make book reservations, borrowings, renew, public number There are many fables and idiom stories, which makes me particularly benefited.

Zhang Yuyue, the first experimental primary school in Fengnan District, said Zhang Yue.

In recent years, Fengnan District Library has adhered to readers as a center, surrounding readers, continuous innovation of service initiatives, and focusing on building "Yunxiang" online service brands, providing better, more convenient reading services.

In order to improve the lending efficiency, the library innovation launches mobile phone borrowing service and "you choose the book I buy a single & cloud library" reader single book service, readers can purchase orders from the mobile phone, directly purchased new books, good books, shortened Books to readers reading time. At the same time, self-built local ambitions, children’s drawings, special lectures digital repository, build windows on Fengnan culture.

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