Talking about renting a house Ideal Xiong Lin answered a question for ten years.


Talking about renting a house Ideal Xiong Lin answered a question for ten years.

Original title: Talking about the ideal of the housing Ideal Xiong Forest to answer a question "Rent a house, can you live on the ideal life?" At the near future, in the internal meeting of the 10th anniversary, Since the CEO Xiong Forest proposed the city that will explore the future Renting a model adapts more cities, allowing urban new citizens to export to more cities or even overseas. Ten years in 2011, it is a long-term rental industry, which is a ten year from 0 to 1, and is also believed by Xiong Lin to "lock into the drawer".

  Ten years ago, Xiong Lin took a unique technology "obsessive" to "move" to the Internet.

Ten years later, there were 450,000 VR videons on the official website and the app, allowing users to see the full picture of the room without leaving home.

Free House Intelligent Operating System Z-Link Intelligent Ecology has covered 25 million +, super intellectual control routing gateway Z-Link has accumulated stable operation of 4 billion times, and the guest can be launched through a variety of ways such as app, voice, and body feel. Air conditioning, washing machine, curtains, and lighting are managed.

  Ten years ago, Xiong Lin was in questioning the quality of the unified decoration quality in questioning.

Ten years later, friends have been iterated, self-contained, Mandeshe and other products have been continuously launched, allowing us to develop into a total-class living product matrix of integrated distributed, centralized, large-scale rental communities, high-end residential buildings. .

  Today, there is more than 100 million APP installed volumes, and the accumulated visits have exceeded 1 billion.

Since the house service has a 30,000 service team, the accumulated service is 4.5 million, and the delivery service order is 62 million. I have entered 10 cities and managed more than 1 million houses, accumulating 500,000 owners, 5 million people.

However, for Xionglin and the team, "Being the world’s respect and favorite, providing high quality living products, beyond customers", "the" technology company "," the teachings "of the technology company" to exceed the customer expect service, "only one tenth.

  Xiong Lin understood the ten years of surrendering: "We have to be a hundred years of enterprises, can’t ‘Xiaofu 即 安’, so we must constantly improve each product, every service, really growing into quality, ideal lifestyle represent.

"Hugging changes is the way Xiong Lin founded in the way, but also became the same, the growth theme. Xionglin likes to describe this change with" daily growth ", and ultimately name another new rental mode as Gain lease. No model is always a new species, for Xiong Forest and freedom, the gain rent is not only a model of changing the industry, but also the expression of new and demand-seeking attitudes: on the basis of long rent mode, Through the "cooperation mechanism", the platform service and the owner ‘s income are more transparent. Through professional rental services, the "0 disturbance" of the rental of the owners will be truly realized. "Long-term Rental model is like to eat interest, the gain rent mode is divided into a partnership, and there are 8 Come into a bachelor. "In the new model of gain rent, the owner chooses to renovate his own residence, and the renewed room is appointed by the owner and the market agreed for rent.

Since then, whether there is a rental, it is free to revenue.

When the market continues, the excess income part will be divided into owners. In gain rent mode, the landlord and the owner are no longer a simple lease entrustment relationship, and the transparent cooperation model allows the owner to really enjoy the quality and gains of the house quality and income brought about by professional services and asset management operations. Since the gain rent mode started from February this year, there were more than 40,000 homes in nine months, and the weekdays were entrusted.

In the planning of Xiong Forest, this new model will quickly grow into new species in the long-term rental industry in the next decade.

  In the recent interview, Xiong Forest often talked to the media to the media. The following rented transactions are convenient: "Now in many big cities, young people rent a house, just as convenient to the hotel." But this description is difficult to trigger consumers. " Resonance, many Z generations are even difficult to imagine that they can find a real list of real listings online.

This kind of alienation from an intergeneration may be the most glory of reformists.

  "’Since the native meaning of these two words, we must let these two words forever." In the eyes of Xionglin, no matter whether it is a long rental model of ten years ago or the current gain rent mode, As you have to do, there has never changed: providing an ideal quality life that exceeds customer expectations. For Xionglin, technology, service, and new rental model can be the way to achieve this goal, and it is just a matter of continuous efforts to make a better change.

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