Xi’an 214 Welcome to the Welcome Construction Project has completed 191 accounted for 89%


Xi’an 214 Welcome to the Welcome Construction Project has completed 191 accounted for 89%

Original title: Xi’an 214 Welcome to the Western Youth Construction Project has completed 191 points to 89% from the western network news (Reporter Lingxi) On June 29, Xi’an City Welcome to the Fourth Expense Project Construction Press Conference.

At the press conference, the headlines of Shaanxi, the western network were informed that, as of now, 214 fort-four transportation projects in the city have completed 191, accounting for 89%.

Among them, the Olympic Tunnel Engineering, Jingjiu, Huang Temple Slim Road, Xiangzi Liu Road Cross-river Bridge, Yandan Road, Yuhe West Road, Eurasia, Ou Ya 5th Road and other key projects have been in May 1 day before completion.

Dan Fengmen Square and Surrounding Municipal Support Project, Zhu Hong Road – Fengcheng 5th Road, Yuanshui Avenue – XiChang Road, North Terminal Project (Phase I), Metro Line 14, Olympic Avenue Interchange, Jindiu Road, wearing the River Tunnel, Beichen Yongqi Road Tunnel, Happiness Forest Belt, Xingqing Palace Park Reconstruction, 11 key projects such as the Yiheyuan Bridge are also concentrated today (open).

Wang Xuechao, deputy secretary-general of Xi’an Municipal Government, 14th Youth League of Xi’an City Executive Committee, said, Xi’an City will keep watching the time node on August 1st, strive to complete the science and technology eight roads, Wi Street remediation and construction Renovation, the remaining electricity overhead lines of the first-level road, the remaining water point renovation, the ground road of the Kunming Road Elevated Bridge Engineering, the Northern Terminal Hub Project (Phase I) East and West Parking Building, etc. The remaining 23 project construction.

At that time, the construction of the Welcome to the key project will be fully entered into the end of the end.

11 key projects, Danfengmen Square and surrounding municipal support projects started construction in December 2019, including Dan Fengmen Square underground transportation hub, self-cultivation construction from Qiangdong Road, Taihua Road and Jianqiang Road, total building area Wan m2, the total length of the road. Zhu Hong Road – Fengcheng 5th Road is established in October 2020, and the original separation viaduct is changed to interconnection, including the main line elevated, ground road and four ramps in Fengcheng 5th Road. Yuanshui Avenue-West Cascade Road is open to the construction of construction in March 2020, the main line of the main line of the South China West Copper Expressway, the main line of the East and West Yuanshui Avenue, and the interchange land.

North Terminal Hub Project (Phase I) started construction in May 2020, the length of the first phase of the high-end bridge, the total length of the ground road, the parking building on both sides of the east and west is about 130,000 m2. Subway No. 14 was started in September 2018, and 8 underground stations were set up. It launched a new record for the construction of Xi’an Metro. The Olympic Avenue has been established in June 2020 in June 2020, the Olympic Avenue, has a total length of 70m, and it will be shortened by the original 40 minutes to 15 minutes. In Jam Road, wearing the River Tunnel in April 2020, the whole length is the longest tunnel under Xi’an, the first cross-river tunnel and integrated pipe gallery, the first building involved in the riverbed deep sludge Engineering project.

Beichen Yongqi Road Tunnel started construction in January 2021, all five layers, including 103m of Yongqi Road, full length, dark buddy section, design as the ground two-way four lanes, tunnel two-way four lanes. Happiness Forest is built in June 2017, which is the world’s largest urban space comprehensive utilization project. The country’s largest urban forest belt, mainly including the ground landscape, municipal road, underground space, integrated gallery and subway.

Xingqing Palace Park renovation is raised in January 2021, accounting for about 738 acres, and there are about 150 mu of lake, mainly for Tang Xingqing Palace Cultural Display, Water Ecological Governance, City Park to increase 3 aspects. In October 2019, the Hiheyuan Bridge started construction. An important traffic channel in the center of China.

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