Sleep, strengthen natural immunity


Sleep, strengthen natural immunity

Expert Profile Wang Guangliang, Secretary-General of China Sleep Conference, Deputy Director of Medical Combination and Health Management Committee, Deputy Director of the China Institute of Health, National Health Industry Management Association Sleep Industry, has served as Secretary-General of China Sleep Research Association, Chinese Medical Association Secretary General of the Sleep Medical Expert Committee. In addition to being affected by physiological, psychological, biological rhythm, the quality will also be directly affected by environmental and climate.

Good indoor and outdoor environment and sleep small micro environments, can greatly improve the comfort and wake-up satisfaction in human sleep, increase the body’s tolerance and compliance, and can effectively improve sleep quality.

In a long time, people have explored and research from physiology, pathology, psychology, etc., but to ensure high quality sleep, it is also necessary to further study sleep environments, especially those with external variable substances such as bedding, often The more simple method and means are more effective. There are a lot of factors affecting sleep, including the environment and moods of the eyes, ear, mouth, nose, body, and intentions. Among them, the human body directly related to our sleep is in the physical environment, which can be divided into a large environment (bedroom), small Environment (bedding and pajamas) and microenvironment (bed temperature and humidity). How to create a personalized sleep environment and improve sleep quality? What is the relationship between sleep and natural immunity? Please watch this program.

Note: This section is selected from "Active Health – Immunity is a good doctor." This book is published by People’s Health Publishing House, Wang Guoqiang, Wang Lixiang, Zhang Wenhong, Editor-in-Chief, Wang Yude, Zhongnan Mountain, Li Lanjuan’s main review, Mr. Bai Yansong.

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