Six small Xi water: implement a new degree of new degree of degree


Six small Xi water: implement a new degree of new degree of degree

In recent years, with the number of residents in the jurisdiction, the number of foreign population has continued to grow, and children will grow rapidly.

In order to protect the school age of school-age, solve the problem of the first borrowing, Xihui County’s sixth elementary school implementation and renovation project, add more than 1,000 degrees, effectively crack the degree of tension.

Into the new campus of the sixth elementary school in Xihui County, a new teaching building reflected in the eye, microcomputer, reading room, art classroom, etc., compared with the previous old campus, now the school The school buildings and facilities are more fully equipped, and they like students like. Speaking of the changes in the new school, the students can’t restrain the joy of their hearts.

"The new campus is very beautiful, high, wide, happy learning in such a beautiful environment, I am very happy." Gong Qigpeng, the sixth grade of the sixth elementary school in Xihui County, was pleased to say about the reporter.

Before the relocation, there were 2116 students in the sixth primary school in Xihui County. Since 2016, since the number of students is increasing, the degree is serious, and there are many grades in Xiyu four small, Xi Yishui, Xi Yao eight small, Zhongshui 11th, Xi Huajan Primary School lended.

"It is basically ‘two black’ when I borrow, I will return early." The reading experience of the outside, Chen Liangji, the sixth primary school teachers in Xishui County, described the status of the work at the time. To completely solve the dilemma read by borrow, let the children learn at home.

The county party committee and the county government have invested nearly 100 million funds to change the campus. The project started in May this year, lasted for 4 months, and was completed in September.

Now, teachers and students don’t have to travel around, after moving into the new campus, the comfortable teaching environment, let them have more energy into educating people and learning, and the parents are more worrying and peace of mind. At present, the Six small school coverage area is 16,830 square meters, and it has increased by 11333 square meters on the basis. The dedicated classroom has been expanded to 60 and has added 10 function rooms and many offices. They also have 42 groups in the classroom. At the same time, 720 square meters of canteens can accommodate 200 people, newly built The rubber playground reached 4,500 square meters, and the number of students increased to 3,396. "With the help of the county party committee county government, Xi Hui six-small change and expansion project ended the inventory of teachers and students in recent years, satisfying more than three thousand students, the needs of learning, and the people’s livelihood project, the beneficiary of teachers and students. Happiness Project. In the future, the school will adhere to the party’s education, and strive to have a good job of satisfaction with the people.

"Ou Junfei, the sixth primary school principal of Xihui County, said. (Xiyui March) Source: (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.