Zhang Qixiang, chairman of Heilongjiang Provincial Jianotou Group: Create a powerful force of 100 billion to investigate strong provinces


Zhang Qixiang, chairman of Heilongjiang Provincial Jianotou Group: Create a powerful force of 100 billion to investigate strong provinces

Heilongjiang Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman Zhang Qixiang. Sun Qiang photo the people’s network September 2 (Wang Ying, Han Tu) "To help to make a good job in the fourth province’s Phase IIP meeting, we set up the Jianover Group Mudanjiang Company, which has completed 27 key project construction. And investment projects. "On the afternoon of September 2, at the 4th Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Industry Development Promotion Conference, Zhang Qixiang, Party Secretary and Chairman, Heilongjiang Provincial Construction Group Co., Ltd., said that it will create a hundred billion joint investment, integration into regional development , Play a strong role in building a strong tourism province.

Zhang Qixiang introduced that Since the strategic reorganization of Jianbound Group, the strong enterprise of the most mission, the most win-win-winning large-scale modern state-owned enterprise group, as an infrastructure, live people’s livelihood project, a good life service, The industrial upgrading is the leading enterprise mission, continuously promoting the implementation of the Decision-making capacity of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, the service market creates market capacity "two major capacity" construction projects, is an active builder and benefit of Yichun, Heihe, Mudanjiang Travel Conference The construction project is over 10 billion yuan, and has successively implemented comprehensive strategic cooperation with 13 land, which has strongly promoted the development of the group’s business, industrial layout optimization and market competitiveness.

Helping the ecological environment to make short-selling boards, and the urban quality is further improved. Introducing the average age of 35 years old, the top-level team of the domestic ecological landscape of 30 years old, and the Group has driven the group to become a head enterprise of the ecological landscape. The high quality has completed the overall improvement planning of Mudanjiang urban quality. The highlights of the infrastructure have a strong highlights.

Helping the literature facilities to make a short board, and the cultural heritage is further fresh.

Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the party, donated the people’s Air Force Northeast Older Airlines, the high-quality completion of the Beijing National Archaeological Ruins Park, Yanwang River Town and other construction projects, precious historical and cultural heritage and historical and cultural name vivid Reproduction. Help the people’s livelihood projects to make up shortboard, and the well-being of people’s livelihood is further improved.

High standards completed the construction of the old community renovation construction of 3.27 million square meters, and thousands of residents improve the quality of living environment. Proposing important water-related industrial projects such as Linhai Reservoir and Pumping energy storage, the investment amount will exceed 10 million yuan, vigorously promote the integrated construction of water safety water and water environment.

Help the development of an eco-intensive business card, and the brand influence is further enhanced.

Leading by Traversic Group, the United National Industry Association held the "China (Summer) Forest Competition Industry Summit Forum", Jingbo Lake was awarded for the forum permanent site, to create a "Chinese ecological intensive tourist destination" to occupy high . Zhang Qiang said that in the key node of the "14th Five-Year Plan" start, the provincial construction group will further improve the political station, not responsible, adhere to the market, go to the market, and effectively play the strong force of the construction of strong provinces. .

Do excellent tourism development strategy top-level design, anchoring the "two major planning" of Heilongjiang Province Tourism Industry, focus on "green water Qingshan" "ice day snow" two major articles, promote tourism services, specialization, standardization, industrial development, create Billion Track Group, driving a hundred billion tourism economy.

Vigorously promote the development of shared sharing and win-win, with the national tourism as the starting, play the comprehensive industrial investment platform function, with local governments and related provincial industrial investment groups, together with the water travel, Wen Travel, Travel, Sen brigade, far-pendulum depth integration, integrating national tourism featured.

Accelerate the construction of short board weakens in the Huihuangjiang Provincial Tour Infrastructure. Cultivate a batch of hotel complex, conventional integration and other tourism new landmarks, new boutiques, and develop a batch of "must-all to" important tourism nodes and travel cards, enhance the influence of the ecotourism destination in Heilongjiang Province.

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