"Preferred Pick" helps the goods


"Preferred Pick" helps the goods

"There is a taste of some pickled pepper, but it is not very spicy, it is really very very delicious.

"On November 11th, in the" preferred second "live broadcast, the anchor is selling a Bijie radish skin to consumers.

On the same day, the "preferred post" WeChat applet developed by a Ma Wenhua Media Co., Ltd. was officially launched, selling special agricultural products in our district and surrounding areas, so that consumers shared the achievements of Bijie Green Agricultural Development.

"We plan to launch 1 yuan and Yuan’s snap-up activities, and will promote the benefits of Bijie to consumers," said Li Wei, a planned person in charge of the Planning of a Ma Wenhua Media Co., Ltd., Bijie City.

In August this year, in order to better help the goods, the "preferred post" is created by the "preferred post" brand, to create a "preferred post" brand, and develop WeChat applets, promote sales of seven stars. Guanzhuang and Bijie City Many Products, Building Wire Line Sales Platform.

"Preferred Picks" WeChat applets Since the online trial operation, the seven-star customs area has been promoted, concentrated in promoting the special agricultural products in the seven-star guanzi, bacon, Taiji ancient tea, etc. It covers excellent results in high quality agricultural products, sales data and access data in other counties in Bijie. As of 11, the order volume reached more than 7,000.

At present, "preferred pins" is based on "1 + 2 + N + N" operation mode, set sales, logistics distribution, e-commerce, after-sales service, and provide online online next-stop service experience. The launch of the small program not only makes the masses more convenient, not to some extent, and solve the characteristic agricultural marketing bottleneck and broaden the sales channels while increasing farmers’ income.

Li Yixun said, the next step, the company plans to open "preferred pins" Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, and many other third-party platforms, continue to help the goods from the mountain.

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