Xunchun set off a trees in planting trees, and more than 120,000 voluntary trees have been completed


Xunchun set off a trees in planting trees, and more than 120,000 voluntary trees have been completed

Volunteer tree planting activities in 2022. Correspondent’s picture of Jingchu.com (Hubei Daily) News (Correspondent Gao Fang Lu Lei) spring breeze urged new green, and trees are just at the time.

On March 10, Xunchun County launched the 2022 voluntary tree planting activity with the theme of "carried out afforestation and greening and promoting the revitalization of the countryside", and practiced the development concept of "green water and green mountains is the golden mountains and silver mountains" with practical actions. A wave of trees was set off. Volunteer tree planting scene. Correspondent’s composition of this volunteer tree planting activity gives full play to the leading role of cadres at all levels in the county. Hu Anyuan, Secretary of the County Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee, Chen Dan, and other county leaders came to Dushan Forest Park to plant tree planting sites to participate in the obligations with the cadres and the masses to participate in the obligations Tree planting, continuously consolidating the county’s forest coverage rate, and "adding green" for beautiful spring construction.

It is reported that the county has closely focused on building a green demonstration county and building a modern and medium -sized cities. In 2021, the county implemented 10,000 acres of ecological public welfare forest protection projects, implemented 10,000 acres of natural forest protection projects, implemented a forest insurance area of ??10,000 acres, and hired more than 1,600 ecological forests. Beautiful spring provides ecological support.

In order to strengthen the protection of forest resources, the county has also established and improved the county -level forest system responsibility system and institutional system, and established 21 county -level forests, 535 township -level (state -owned forest farm, wetland park) forest long, 2053 people in 2053 The village -level Lin Chang has detailed the responsibilities and work responsibilities of Lin Chang at all levels to ensure that there are some people in the mountains, the artificial artificial, the tree of the forest, the tree, and the responsibility of the people, and promote the "forest system" to promote the "Lin Changzhi". As of now, 15 township office in the county and more than 40 counties have carried out voluntary tree planting activities. The main planting varieties include crickets, plums, osmanthus, ginkgo, camphor, winter green, wetland pine, saffron, and tea Wait for seedlings to complete more than 120,000 trees.