[Review line] Loess Feng Net Review: Save "Unhappy", starting from doing a good care of depression


[Review line] Loess Feng Net Review: Save "Unhappy", starting from doing a good care of depression

Pay attention to adolescent mental health and depression needs to be paid. "China National Mental Health Development Report (2019-2020)" shows that adolescent mental health issues should especially need to pay attention.

Studies on domestic and foreign scholars have found that adolescents have approximately 15% to 20% of the proportion of depressive symptoms in adolescents. According to epidemiological surveys, in 2020, my country’s adolescent depression detection rates were%, of which the detection rate of severe depression was%. At the same time, the adolescent depression has a rise in growth with the grade, and some children are in a long time.

Adolescent depression is not only simple mood, but a serious health problem, it will destroy young personality and affect life. For example, it is easy to lead to anxiety, interpersonal relationship is too sensitive, emotionally unstable, psychological imbalance, adaptation, insufficient energy, forced symptoms, confrontation, evading tendency, focusing difficulties, etc., in addition to this, People can’t bear sadness, despair or anger. Adolescent depression, affecting large harm, need to be highly valued. Implement depression screening and fall into the strategy.

Adolescents are the future of the country. The Ministry of Education clearly indicates that depression screening into students’ health checkup, which is both the care of young people, and an important measure to mitigate social contradictions, enhance the people’s life happiness index.

The policy is introduced, only true landing, implementation, decay, and density can benefit yourself. Through the inspection of the medical examination, there is no dead angle to carry out depression screening, first to ensure that professional medical and health institutions and resources are sufficient, guarantee depression, sieve, mental health should be inspected, and the physical examination should be serious Responsible, detailed, screening in place, avoiding through the task; secondly requires school and medical institutions to undertake students’ personal information management responsibility, do confidentiality, and resolutely put an end to disclose or abuse screening results. Executive major and rigorous, so that the policy is fully implemented.

Depression prevention, should learn from the society in home school.

Preventing adolescent depression, promoting the comprehensive development of young people, protecting young people and mental health, requires social cooperation in home school. To broaden publicity channels, strengthen publicity, extensive depression science knowledge propaganda, improve public understanding; to give full play to the role of experts, in-depth school, enterprises, communities, institutions, etc., carry out depression related public welfare lectures; to establish a whole process youth Depression prevention and control service, evaluation system; schools should be equipped with mental health education teachers to carry out good student mental health services, continuously strengthen mental health education; parents should maintain ordinary heart and peace of mind, learn to care and listen, understand children’s feelings, Suitable exercise for children’s anti-resistance, teaching children to relax, happily, and actively face learning and life.

Teenagers are the hope of the motherland and the future of the nation, to create a healthy growth social environment, protecting their healthy growth is the common responsibility of the whole society. Many screening, more peace of mind; more points, more health. Save "Not happy" and start from doing a good depression.