"Red vest" makes the spirit of the party congress "different red"


"Red vest" makes the spirit of the party congress "different red"

  "Xiao Li, I watched the news two days ago. The victory of the 14th Party Congress of the province was closed. We all wanted to know what good policies had this meeting brought us. You will tell us soon." "The folks We do n’t worry. We come today to convey the spirit of the 14th Party Congress of the Provincial Congress, and tell you the good policies that are closely related to us in the conference report. Heaven, in various villages in Hexi Town, Guide County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, you can often see a group of young people in "Red vests" traveling through the fields to talk about policies and pull families with the people. After the closing of the fourteenth party congress of the province, they have another new task, that is, to carry out the "ground -style" preaching, and change the spirit of the party’s congress from "written language" to "chatter", so that the province’s tenth is the tenth of the province The spirit of the four party congresses through the content of "real", "living", and "fresh" language, "long" in the fields, "stay" in the hearts of the masses, so that the spirit of the party congress "is not red". "The report summarizes the development achievements of the" six new ‘and the "seven must -adhere to’ experience in the past five years, and deployed the" eight unswerving "key tasks, which sounded the modern Qinghai construction construction of new Qinghai construction. The strongest voice depicts the magnificent blueprint of Qinghai towards the second century -old goal.

For example, we went to Liutun Village. In the past few years, we have rely on the party’s good policy and have lived a good life.

Next, we should learn well, implement the spirit of the party congress, give full play to the role of the party branch of the party branch, use party building to lead the village’s revitalization, deeply tap the village’s characteristic industries, continue to develop and expand the collective economy of the village, and lead villagers on the road of common prosperity. Stable and far away.

"Red Vests" policy preaching team member Li Mingyan carefully conveyed the spirit of the meeting in a simple way to present the people present. Although the conference just closed, the "Red Vest" policy preaching team in Hexi Town quickly took action, surrounding "what to say", "how to speak", how to ensure how to ensure People "sit", "happy to listen", "remember" and other content, fully prepare to preach materials, and strive to send the spirit of the party’s association to millions of households in the shortest time. "I also want to join your" red vest "policy preaching team.

"The representative of the 14th Party Congress of the Provincial Party and the Secretary of the Party Branch of the Village of the Village said," As a representative of the 14th Party Congress of the Provincial Party, I have experienced this event in person and feels quite deep. The ‘Struggle Family’, also be a good propagandist ‘, go home to widely publicize the spirit of the party congress, but also be a good’ guide ‘, keep in mind the original intention, be brave, vigorously develop characteristic industries, strengthen the village collective economy With "Gongcheng, you don’t have to be in me, Jian Gong will have the concept of me ‘, showing his feet on the vast stage of the countryside.

"Said Yang Zhuangtai’s enthusiasm. With the participation of the party representative, the" Red vest "policy preaching team has a higher strength in the villages’" representative background "series of activities.

During the meeting during the participation of Yang Zhuang, the herself and heard into the development of the unity village in recent years, using the example of the development of a unity village to convey the spirit of the party’s congress to the villages, community party branches and the majority of party members and cadres, and stimulate party members Cadres’ enthusiasm for learning, consolidating ideological consensus, and using the party’s century -old struggle and historical experience to increase wisdom, increase confidence, enhance fighting spirit, and contribute to the Qinghai chapter of comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country.

  "After listening to the preaching of Secretary Yang, I am encouraged. I will integrate the spirit of the party’s association into the usual work, carry the expectations of the people in our village, take the premise of firm political beliefs, and take industrial development as the starting point. , Actively transform the spirit of the party’s association into practical actions and work results, in order to make a sense of responsibility in the shoulders and the work style of grasping the iron and the stones, and the development of happiness and development for the happy village.

"Shen Lianying, Secretary of the Party Branch of Xingfu Village, Hexi Town.

  "I carefully listened to the preaching of the" Red vest "preaching team, was deeply moved, full of expectations, full of energy, and confidence! In particular, I remember the transformation of myself from ‘one to’ to ‘to the rich." Various policies, now I rely on the development of the breeding industry, and the annual income can increase by about 40,000 yuan. In recent years, the changes around us are obvious to everyone. The belief of the party, "said Guo Haiyan, a poverty alleviation household in Gongcun, Hexi Town. The spirit of the Provincial Party Congress imply the "seed" of new hope and new starting point. Under the spread of the "Red Vest" policy preaching team, it will definitely take root and take root in Hexi Town’s land … (Responsible editor: Ji Yu Liu Peiran) Share let more people see recommended reading.